Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Big Short(by Adam McKay) Is a Rigged Game that Blames Everyone but the Jew

The biggest Jew-Wash movie since SOCIAL NETWORK. Everyone heard something of the financial disaster of 2008. So, who were behind it? This movie pretends to name names and reveal who's who, but the overriding agenda is to hide the Jewish faces. The Jewish identity of those involved in the fraud are never mentioned, BUT we are explicitly made aware that one of the truth-hunters is JEWISH. You see, Jewish conscience has a face but Jewish greed remains faceless.
So, we see Mr. Jewish Conscience tackle with all these fraudsters. The face of Goldman Sachs is some Asian-Indian guy. There is also a nasty black woman. The face of CDO fraud is some grinning yellow guy. Meanwhile, we see the Mr. Jewish Conscience feel outraged by all the dirty tricks pulled by banks and investors. Of course, the only reason he's hunting for the 'truth' is he wants to hit the jackpot himself. But you see, this Jewish guy is all about conscience, so at the very end, when he decides to grab the loot, we see him overcome with guilt and grief. Oh boo hoo hoo, because Jews care oh so very much of course and feel bad about profiting off the misery of others.

And we get the usual tripe about how the nation blames 'poor people' and 'immigrants' when times go bad. Okay, instead of blaming the poor and the immigrant community, how about we blamed the urban Liberal community made up largely of rich Jews? Let's attack the most powerful and most privileged people in America. Would that be better? But then, this is the very movie that obfuscated Jewish role in the financial disaster by using Asian-Indian, black woman, East Asian, and lower-end white peddlers of home loans for the disaster. Foul ugly movie. It should be called Big Snort. Cocaine for those who would be duped by Jews and their gentile cucks who worked on this trash. But it's fun to watch at least.

Rating: 2/5

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