Tuesday, August 2, 2016

BOILER ROOM(directed by Ben Younger) Is a Memorable Movie

BOILER ROOM features some Jews acting like Italians acting like Negroes. It has wall-to-wall Rap music, which drove me crazy, but it suits the material which is about young men without culture, compass, or meaning. It has some familiar stuff, like father-son drama, but it's done so well that formula almost rises to the level of art(though maybe that too is a con).

Smart successful Jews make it to Harvard and Yale and go directly to Wall Street. The smart-but-not-smart-enough and driven-but-not-disciplined enough Jews must find other routes to fortune and success. These Jews must go 'Soprano' and 'goomba', traipsing the thin line between legality and illegality. BOILER ROOM effectively shows the underbelly of this kind of enterprise. Illegitimate superficially passing itself as legitimate. But given recent revelations about Wall Street, maybe BOILER ROOM is just a grubbier expose of what goes on in the legitimate world too.

Rating: 3/5

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